ALAG Membership

    Membership of ALAG entitles you to the following benefits:

    • Discounted entry fee to monthly ALAG meetings.

    • Concessions and discounts for events organised by ALAG.

    • Priority booking for ALAG-organised events and occasions e.g., Christmas meal event.

    • Members can suggest topics or speakers for the ALAG meetings.

    Membership Renewals:

    • To renew your membership or join ALAG, complete this form and bring to the next ALAG meeting with your membership fee.

    • Memberships expire on the 31st March each year. 

    Membership group agreement for meetings:

    • Entry to the meeting is £3.00 for ALAG members and £5 for non-members  (the right money would be helpful if possible)

    • Please be on time. The meetings are from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.                 (those arriving before this time will be admitted to the building but are requested to wait downstairs until 6.30pm) 

    • During the meetings:

    • Switch off mobile phones.

    • During discussions, allow everyone a chance to speak without interruption.

    • Raise your hand to indicate you wish to speak.

    • Ensure your contribution is confined to the issues being discussed.

    • Please respect confidentiality. You may hear some personal or private information during the meeting. If so, please do not divulge it to anyone outside.

    • Bullying will not be tolerated.

    • Please do not consume food during the main part of the meeting. Food is available between 6.30pm and 7pm, and again at the end of the meeting.

    • Any abuse or violence aimed at staff, members or guests will not be tolerated.