Featured ALAG members

    Wim Jenniskens

    It is with great sadness that we have recently learned of the death of our dear ALAG member Wim Jenniskens.

    Many of you will remember Wim as a polite, friendly gentleman with a lovely smile who attended many of our ALAG meetings and social events over the years. Wim, who worked as a fundraiser for Amnesty International, was keen to support good causes and ran an online philosophy group. He also enjoyed his time at ALAG and other AS groups, including the Autism Choir, and will be greatly missed. We will always remember Wim with great fondness.




    Ernest Ricketts

    It is with great sadness that we recently learned of the death of our dear ALAG member, Ernest Ricketts.

    Ernest was a unique and irreplaceable character, a young man who was passionate about equality and the rights of disabled people. He readily shared his views on many topics and always offered a friendly handshake at the end of each meeting.

    Ernest will be sadly missed but will always be remembered with great fondness.



    Thomas Marston

    Raj Singh Tattal

    Raj Singh Tattal is a remarkable artist. He visited a local school to share some of his hyper-realistic pencil drawings and to talk about his experiences as someone with Asperger's Syndrome. He is also known as the Pen-tacular Artist. Raj also told them about a great support group he belongs to called ALAG.

    Raj told them how he turned his life around after his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, about his fixed food habits (he eats baked beans every day) and how he finds it very difficult to be with people. They loved having his pictures in the RE room.

    Raj presented their Arun with a brilliant picture of his hero, Guru Gobind Singh. Raj was surprised to hear that a class are named 'Tattal' in honour of his achievements.

    Raj was also exhibiting a range of his Sikh drawings at City Hall. The exhibition was on the second floor next to the chambers at: City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA. 

    Raj presenting a 'thank you' bouquet to his Mum who was delighted to be at the exhibition.

    Raj with ALAG members Joe and Jeremy.

    Alain English

    Alain English - Outside-InAlain was kind enough to recite three of his brilliant poems at our last ALAG Christmas Social, including the excellent ‘Falling Forward’ - an ALAG favourite!

    Alain has also written three books. His latest book of poetry titled ‘Outside – In’ Musing on life as an Autistic Poet can be purchased from: www.williamcorneliusharrispublishing.com.

    Friends, Ethney, ALAG!  Lend me your eyes!

    His second book, called 'English is a Foreign Language', marks his 10 years in London and deals with topics, such as mental health, snooker and politics. It is also published with WCH Publishing and London Poetry Books.


    'An Asperger Actor' is Alain's first book. This autobiographic work became the subject of his Edinburgh Fringe show in 2013. It is available for purchase from Chipmunka Publishing.


    Consultancy Service by Desmond Meldrum

    I am available to give talks on my personal experiences as well as general advice in coping with Asperger’s syndrome to organisations and support groups.  I have also written two books on the subject.  Details can be found on


    An Autumn Poem for Ethney

    by Val Williams-Edwards  

    The journey was long 
    But not long 
    My mind turned inward 
    Yet outward 
    All in one 
    Colours of garments long gone 
    And autumn leaves trodden under foot 
    People half in shadow 
    Fireworks revealing shape and form 
    And spectacular moments 
    Each year my mind returns 
    To all those walks 
    The russet and the ochre 
    And the bright blue of dawn 
    And fiery sunsets